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We credit our strength and endurance to a consistent approach to managing our business, and to the character of our people.

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Karma is an innovative diagnostic center with NABL accreditation that can reliably detect diseases at affordable price. We offer one of the most comprehensive set of laboratory services available in the industry to enhancing the patient experience.

Leona Hardy
Joint CEO, Co-Founder
Leona Hardy
Joint CEO, Co-Founder
Etta Green
Financial Director
Ruby Maldonado
Project Manager
Frederick Cole
Sales Manager
Hettie Padilla
Finance Analytics
Violet Krasinski
Specimen Accessioner
Theo Jude
Communication Manager
Greg Martinez
Branding Manager

Gene Moreno

Carrie Greer

Brent Newman

Craig Stevenson

Albert Webster

Harry Castillo


Charlotte Shaw

Kate Wong

Frederick Huff

Ora Johnson

Brent Newman

Craig Stevenson


Grace Walsh

David Perkins

Joseph Green

Mitsy Greenberg

Luis Jacobson

Robert Tillman


Eleonora Rubenstain

Vanessa Hadson

Kristy Muller

Connor Fieldman

Mario Rossetti

Ho Shu Lee

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