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Soft Skills Training | Leadership Development | Business English Training
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Transform Your Life & Career with Expert-Led Training from Precision Learning

Exceptional is not our goal. It's our standard.™

Precision Learning provides you with a strictly quality-driven, more personalized
Soft Skills, Leadership Development, and Business English training experience,
facilitation and moderation services, and academic and career counseling.

Find your success here, achieve your goals, and never settle for less than exceptional.


You are Our Priority

From the moment you enroll, until completion, your progress is our personal mission.

About Us

Get more than simple training - we'll run with you to the finish line.

Precision Learning offers soft skills, leadership development, and Business English training like you’ve never seen before. We do not offer generic training programs, we offer personalized, proprietary, and proven methods and curricula that help our clients become the best version of themselves. Intensive courses for students and professionals that break skills down to a science.

You Will Reach Your Highest Potential.

We do not offer generic training programs. We won’t leave you behind at the door of your classroom. This is an all-around immersion experience.

Your Skills Will Improve. Guaranteed.

The bottom line: we are in the business of exceptional results, and have been for over a decade. If you don’t improve, retake sessions, on us. Or get a refund. Simple.

Insights from McKinsey & Company

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of Organizations Are Facing a Skills Deficit

Senior managers at 93% of companies admit their workforce lacks the necessary soft skills in key areas. Our courses directly address this deficit, transforming potential into performance.

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of Well-Trained Organizations are Agile to Change

86% of firms with mature leadership programs report superior agility in responding to market changes. Precision Learning's training fosters the agility needed for today's fast-paced world.

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of organizations Rank Training as Top Priority

A striking 67% of organizations rank soft skills and leadership development as top priority. Precision Learning answers this call with tailored training that elevates leaders and teams above the competition.

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Precision Learning's Experience Shaping Organizational Leaders

For over 15 years, we have been at the forefront of expert-led Soft Skills, Leadership Development, and Business English training. Our commitment to excellence ensures global success.

Bridging the Skill Gaps

Precision Learning directly addresses the critical skill gaps highlighted by McKinsey's research, ensuring that organizations and their leaders are fully equipped to navigate and thrive in the current business climate:

Closing Leadership Gaps: By fostering essential soft skills and leadership capabilities, Precision Learning enables organizations to tap into their unexploited potential, transforming capable individuals into exceptional leaders ready to guide their teams to success.

➣ Prioritizing Development: Aligning with the priorities of upper management, our programs emphasize soft skills and leadership development, ensuring these competencies are not just a priority but a reality for employee advancement.

➣ Enhancing Skills for Success: Recognizing that 93% of senior managers see a need for stronger skill sets in their organizations, our curriculum is designed to fill these gaps, providing intensive, personalized training that equips professionals with the skills for success.

➣ Boosting Responsiveness: Our leadership development programs are crafted to enhance maturity and agility within organizations, helping 86% of companies rapidly adapt to changing market conditions.

➣ Driving Business Outcomes: With a proven track record, our mature leadership development programs are demonstrated to improve business success, ensuring that organizations are part of the 65% that see tangible growth and progress.

At Precision Learning, we don't just aim for exceptional; we make it our standard. Through our expertly designed programs, we provide the tools and knowledge for businesses and professionals to not only feel confident in their skills but also in the future and progress of their organizations.

Our Promise to You

Why Choose Precision Learning

We don’t just claim to be exceptional. We know that some things are non-negotiable.

Premium Group and Private Instruction

We do not offer generic prep programs. We won’t leave you behind at the door of your classroom. This is an all-around immersion experience.

Exceptionally Vetted Instructors

Others claim that they have rigorous hiring standards. Apply to Precision, and you’ll understand the definition of rigor.

Upscale Campuses and Convenient Locations

Our campuses don’t have typical classrooms, we use upscale conference rooms. Not only are you worth it, but it helps your learning retention.

Proud Partner of Prestigious Institutions

We are proud to serve clients who are as quality-focused with their training provider as we are with what we deliver.

Reputation-Backed Progress Guarantee

Our Instructors make use of diverse methods, and allow you to see the subject from several time-tested vantage points – for ultimate success.

Quality-First Approach Delivered Since 2008

The bottom line: we are in the business of exceptional results. If you don’t improve, retake sessions, on us. Or get a refund. Simple.

Training Services

Our training modules

We do not offer generic training programs, we offer proven, proprietary methods and curricula that help our clients become the best version of themselves.

The Precision Learning Experience

At Precision Learning, we're committed to delivering a transformative learning journey that empowers you to achieve and surpass your professional objectives. Our tailored training programs are meticulously designed to address the pivotal aspects of professional growth.

Leadership and Effective Communication: Cultivating leaders with the ability to inspire and effectively communicate within any organizational structure.

➣ Business and Professional Writing: Enhancing your capability to articulate ideas clearly and professionally in written form.

➣ Conflict Resolution and Team Dynamics: Equipping you with the skills to navigate and resolve workplace conflicts, fostering positive team environments.

➣ Adaptability and Work Ethic: Preparing you to adapt to changing business landscapes with a strong work ethic and efficient time management.

➣ Conducting Meetings and Negotiations: Training you to lead meetings and negotiations with confidence and strategic insight.

➣ Personal and Professional Branding: Guiding you on how to brand yourself effectively, ensuring you stand out in your career and job searches.

Precision Learning stands as your ally in navigating the complexities of professional development, ensuring you're not just ready for what's next, but fully equipped to lead it. With our support, you're set to not only meet but exceed the demands of today's competitive business world, ensuring your skills—and your impact—are felt far and wide.

A Legacy of Impact

A selection of our proud partners

Precision Learning hosts Certified Instructors, has served as a Proudly Licensed U.S. Federal Government Contractor,
is a Registered Member of the U.S. Small Business Administration, and is a Registered SAS in Paris, France.
DUNS #: 039374724 / CAGE Code: 83T80
Primary NAICS Code: 611430
SIRET Number: 98228033100017 / Share Capital: 1 000 €

Guarantees of Excellence

Precision Learning doesn't just offer training; we partner with you on a journey to excellence. Our six Guarantees of Excellence provide a solid framework to ensure your success:

➣ Personalized Advancement: We commit to working with you to reach your fullest potential, crafting a path that’s uniquely yours.

Expert Instruction: Only the best instructors will guide your learning experience, ensuring quality and expertise.

➣ Innovative Learning Spaces: Study in state-of-the-art environments that enhance your learning process, whether onsite or online.

➣ Strengths and Challenges: We focus on bolstering your strengths while turning your weaknesses into opportunities for growth.

➣ Partnership and Pride: As your learning ally, we promise a partnership that will make you proud, reflecting in the excellence of your skills.

➣ Guaranteed Improvement: Your skills will see measurable improvement—this is our guarantee to you.

Choose Precision Learning, where we go beyond the standard training model to a realm where exceptional is the standard, not the goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions. Answered.

To reach closer to their potential, the best students and employees must possess both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are technical and position-specific prerequisites that one needs to be in a certain position within their profession. These skills are typically quantifiable.

Equally important are soft skills, which are interpersonal knowledge and experience that allow employees and executives to work far more productively, efficiently, and empathetically. These range from effective communication, cultural competence, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution, to adaptability, networking, time management, and critical thinking.

While soft skills are more difficult to quantify than hard skill diplomas and certifications, sufficient emphasis on soft skills forges more efficient, desirable, and adaptable employees and leaders, and can have an enormous impact on an organization’s bottom line.

For international students, employees, and organizational leaders, there is a too frequent, misplaced conflation between Business English programs and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. Yet the approach to each is entirely different. Business English programs serve the critical purpose of training non-native speakers of English – yet those with a preexisting, fundamental proficiency in the language – to read, write, speak, and listen at a higher professional level, more on par with their native speaking counterparts. In many cases, native speakers can also benefit from Business English training.

Business English-specific training includes modules such as professional writing, including letters, memos, reports and emails; advanced vocabulary and grammar; speaking, communication and interpersonal skills; and diversity awareness and cultural competence.

Mastering Business English is critical for success in more diverse workspaces and in an increasingly global professional environment.

The cost of training varies depending upon the length of the customized program and the number of students or employees being trained. For academic institutions, program fees are often paid for by the students as a line item on their tuition. In other cases, the institution provides our training as an added incentive to their students. Private training is most often self-funded, unless a sponsor can be arranged. Corporate training is most often sponsored by an employer.

To lessen any potential burden, fees can be paid in installments. We do not want fee structure to come in the way of delivery to our trainees, and we are always working to ensure the best possible scenario for our clients.

For corporate professionals, training can be executed both as part of on-boarding into the company and as ongoing professional development. For students, there is a clear advantage to starting soft skills and leadership development training, with the addition of Business English training for international students, when students are freshmen, with an incremental approach that starts with more basic soft skills and personal branding and culminates in more advanced career development in their third and fourth years. If intensive training is only sought for one period of students’ academic careers, however, we would encourage it to be implemented in their junior or senior year. For graduate programs, we work to provide schedules that match the unique circumstances of the program and field of study.

Unless otherwise requested, all programs can be executed at our client’s location for maximum convenience. We hire exceptionally accommodating Instructors who are either local or willing to travel to campus. We also offer the use of state-of-the-art facilities should our client request that we host the training program.

We currently have a growing team of 21 qualified Instructors. All Precision Learning Instructors have met strict minimum requirements and have passed through a very stringent screening process.

For one particular summer intensive program, for example, we required the addition of four Instructors to join our growing team. We received over 80 applications, only interviewed 15, and ultimately hired and further trained the four most exceptional candidates. This is the prestigious culture that we established and have insisted upon since our founding a decade ago.

We are standing by.

Call 1-800-766-8002 with inquiries about a Precision Learning’s programs, to enroll, or to make an appointment for a free Strategy Session. Or simply complete the form below.

Embrace Change & Thrive

Precision Learning empowers you to navigate change and emerge stronger than ever.

Unlock your full potential with our tailored Soft Skills, Leadership Development, and Business English programs, designed to transform challenges into opportunities for growth.

Learn from our experienced and qualified team.

Benefit from the wisdom of industry experts who bring real-world insights and practical knowledge to every course, ensuring you gain applicable skills for immediate impact.

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Our Courses

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There is no better time for you and your organization to heighten your success and reach your potential, with the exceptional training and counseling provided globally by Precision Learning.

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