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A Selection of Our Proud Partners

Explore Our Global Network of Partners Working Together to Foster Success

Corporate Engagements

Partnering with industry giants to blend leading expertise with our educational programs.

Academic Collaborations

Collaborating with top-tier institutions to advance learning and development.

Public Sector Partnerships

Enhancing public service by training staff and driving strategic planning forward.

Social Impact Initiatives

Engaging with communities to foster inclusive growth and sustainable impact.

Celebrating Our Alliances

At Precision Learning, we cultivate transformative partnerships with globally recognized organizations and esteemed academic institutions, setting a benchmark for excellence and innovation in professional and educational development. Our collaborations are meticulously selected to ensure alignment with our vision of delivering unparalleled learning experiences.

These strategic alliances not only amplify our reach but also enrich the educational landscape by integrating diverse expertise and cutting-edge practices. By joining forces with some of the most influential and forward-thinking entities across various sectors, we create unique opportunities that propel both individual growth and collective advancement. Partnering with us opens doors to a world where education meets ambition, creating a legacy of impact and a path toward future successes.

  • Rutgers Business School - Renowned for its robust research and academic excellence, Rutgers Business School is a leading institution in the United States that educates future business leaders. Its programs are recognized for their rigorous standards and comprehensive approach to fostering business acumen among students.

  • S&P Dow Jones - A global leader in market indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices is known for its innovative and transparent solutions that help investors effectively gauge market opportunities. It manages one of the world’s most followed equity indices, the S&P 500, setting the standard for financial market benchmarks worldwide.

  • Toastmasters International - With a worldwide network of clubs, Toastmasters International is dedicated to empowering individuals through its programs on communication and leadership skills. Its structured educational system has been pivotal in nurturing effective communicators and leaders across various industries and communities.

  • Council of Europe Development Bank - Established as the development bank of the Council of Europe, CEB aims to address major social issues like fighting poverty and social exclusion. It finances and responds to emergency situations and significantly contributes to improving living conditions in socially disadvantaged regions of Europe.
  • Henkel - A multinational company known for leading innovations in adhesives, beauty care, and home care products, Henkel operates globally with a firm commitment to sustainability and quality. Its brands and technologies are integral to many industries, driving advancements and delivering superior solutions that touch the lives of people every day.

  • Maharishi International University - This university offers a unique education system based on the development of full potential through consciousness-based education. Its innovative approach integrates traditional academic learning with self-development techniques to foster deep personal growth and understanding.

  • Startup52 - Recognized for its commitment to diversity and innovation, Startup52 is an accelerator that focuses on fostering startups with diverse founders. It is acclaimed for driving inclusivity in the tech ecosystem, supporting emerging businesses that break conventional boundaries.

Our Services

Our Suite of Offerings Are Crafted to Propel Your Career Forward

Precision Learning offers a meticulously curated and highly personalized training experience in
Soft Skills, Leadership Development, and Business English, complemented by expert academic and career guidance.
Find your success here, achieve your goals, and never settle for less than exceptional.

Exceptional leadership development requires that two critical goals are met. Firstly, an exceptional program must work to forge leaders who can execute an organization’s strategy through building alliances, winning consumers and supporters, and augmenting the capacities of others to succeed, which is crucial to organizational success. Secondly, an exceptional program must find the cross between individual learner characteristics and what is best for the organization’s bottom line.

Successful writing techniques can propel careers in the right direction, regardless of the industry. Crucial but often overlooked steps toward excellent writing include clearly identifying the purpose, audience, reader needs, reader expectations, and core message of one’s writing prior to putting the keyboard to good use.

In a constantly moving professional world, mastering the ability to manage time, maintain a consistently strong work ethic, and adapt to small and large changes in one’s professional and personal lives can pose a tremendous challenge.

Accepting and addressing nervousness, understanding one’s audience, giving personal attention, using quality visual aids, staying on topic, and managing one’s time appropriately are a few of many factors that contribute to public speaking success. Even those to whom speaking in front of an audience seems to come naturally often overlook the most crucial elements of exceptional public speaking.

There was a time when personal branding equated to a simple business card, but that time is long gone. With the rise of social media and the prioritization of the individual over the group, image has entered into every aspect of one’s professional and personal lives. Personal branding is simple: it is how one presents oneself in-person, online, and otherwise, and it is how one is thought of and remembered by other people. In our overly connected world, this can impact one’s professional success, the success of one’s workplace, and one’s private life in profound ways.

Interviews are not for everyone, but nearly everyone must undergo them if career success is an important factor in one’s life. To carry out an exceptional interview, one must know how to bring one’s personality to the surface, practice efficiently, conduct detailed research on the organization, master S.T.A.R. formation for the most effective answers, stay concise and relevant, ask appropriate questions, and know how and when to follow up.

Quality networking techniques can help to vastly develop one’s career or grow a business. Networking is an acquired skill, and is undoubtedly not restricted by the extrovert vs. introvert dynamic. Nor does being well networked equate to having a large number of contacts on LinkedIn, because if there is no communication, what’s the point? Exceptional networking requires dialogue, the recognition that it’s a two-way street, that in-person conversation, where possible, is often more important than social networking, and that nurturing and maintaining relationships is key to long-term success.

An exceptional Business English program, which varies significantly from a traditional ESL track, must help to prepare non-native English speakers for success in their academic and professional careers. This is done by focusing on strengthening English speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills for the professional world, while further expanding practical skills such as professional networking, public speaking and giving presentations, analyzing business publications, conducting meetings, interviews, and negotiations, writing persuasively, and other critical proficiencies.

Effective communication is a critical skill set for both leaders and team members alike. It can be a gateway to either success or failure – forging or fracturing interpersonal relationships, maintaining or detracting from problem-solving and team efficacy, and ensuring either the growth or diminishing of individuals and organizations. Individuals should be able to identify and avoid typical barriers in organizational communication, understand diverse organizational dynamics, apply best communication practices in either familiar or challenging situations, and understand and successfully implement the Five Cs of Effective Communication – clarity, conciseness, completeness, correctness, and consideration.

Conflict happens when individuals have different opinions, feel disrespected or not listened to, or mistake other’s intentions. To resolve conflict, effective communication and the ability to compromise justly are crucial. Ignoring differences has a negative mental and physical toll on a team, so knowing how to effectively resolve conflict forges far better team dynamics in the long term.

Ensuring the success of meetings and professional conversations requires tact and skill. Those conducting these conversations must be able to clearly identify purpose, establish goals, maintain respect and decorum, and ensure that the meeting meets its agenda.

Conducting quality research, practicing the Five C’s of Effective Communication, knowing one’s audience, taking advantage of one’s unique personality, telling stories, socializing, being concise, and using professional visuals are key to exceptional presentation giving. Just as important – having some fun with the presentation, too.

The average resume gets about six seconds of review time from a hiring manager before a preliminary decision is made. It is therefore crucial to understand how to effectively produce content that will keep one’s resume in the “keep” pile. An exceptional resume requires several stand-out factors, including front-loading information, using keywords, spacing and organizing content appropriately, and among the most important – exhibiting measurable success in one’s professional or academic career.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to recognize and control one’s own emotions and the emotions of peers. Among the qualities of emotionally intelligent individuals is personal emotional awareness, the capacity to harness one’s emotions and channel them toward tasks such as reflection and problem solving, and the capacity to manage other’s emotions, which includes the ability to rationally motivate others toward calmness and productivity during a challenge or crisis.

Culture goes beyond just race, ethnicity, or national background. It also refers to such characteristics as age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, income level, education, geographical location, or profession. Cultural competence is the capacity to communicate and establish relationships effectively with people of different cultures. In an increasingly connected world, both individuals and organizations must be culturally competent. Establishing such competence is a gradual process that requires commitment to mutual respect and understanding.

The McKinsey Report

According to McKinsey & Company, 500 top executives surveyed about their priorities for candidates for employment ranked soft skills and leadership development – Precision Learning’s primary expertise along with Business English – as a top three priority that must be adequately addressed.
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93% of senior managers surveyed believe that their employees are not as sufficiently skilled and effective as required in these areas.

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86% of companies with mature leadership development programs responded rapidly to changing market conditions whereas only 52% of companies with immature programs were able to do so.

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A full two-thirds rank soft skills and leadership development as their number one priority for executive team and employee development.

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65% of companies with mature leadership development programs drove improved business results as compared to 6% of companies without such a program.

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30% of US companies admit that they have failed to exploit their business potential because they lack enough leaders with the right soft skills and leadership capabilities.

Bridging the Skill Gaps

Precision Learning directly addresses the critical skill gaps highlighted by McKinsey's research, ensuring that organizations and their leaders are fully equipped to navigate and thrive in the current business climate:

Closing Leadership Gaps: By fostering essential soft skills and leadership capabilities, Precision Learning enables organizations to tap into their unexploited potential, transforming capable individuals into exceptional leaders ready to guide their teams to success.

➣ Prioritizing Development: Aligning with the priorities of upper management, our programs emphasize soft skills and leadership development, ensuring these competencies are not just a priority but a reality for employee advancement.

➣ Enhancing Skills for Success: Recognizing that 93% of senior managers see a need for stronger skill sets in their organizations, our curriculum is designed to fill these gaps, providing intensive, personalized training that equips professionals with the skills for success.

➣ Boosting Responsiveness: Our leadership development programs are crafted to enhance maturity and agility within organizations, helping 86% of companies rapidly adapt to changing market conditions.

➣ Driving Business Outcomes: With a proven track record, our mature leadership development programs are demonstrated to improve business success, ensuring that organizations are part of the 65% that see tangible growth and progress.

At Precision Learning, we don't just aim for exceptional; we make it our standard. Through our expertly designed programs, we provide the tools and knowledge for businesses and professionals to not only feel confident in their skills but also in the future and progress of their organizations.

Leadership for a New Era

We Stand Apart

Precision Learning delivers an unparalleled, quality-centric training journey in
Soft Skills, Leadership Development, and Business English, enhanced by professional academic and career advising.
Find your success here, achieve your goals, and never settle for less than exceptional.

But why do so many training initiatives fall short?

a) They fail to look at the unique context of the trainee, including their social style...

a) They fail to look at the unique context of the trainee, including their social style, personality type, learning style, communication style, culture, gender, and generational difference.

b) They fail to implement kinesthetic learning, focusing on concept reflection at the expense of real world training.

c) They fail to understand a student’s pre-program mindset and innate challenges. For example, some are visual learners while others are auditory learners.

d) They fail to reasonably set expectations, to create milestones, and to measure results.

What we instill into each trainee matters.

a) We build Emotional Intelligence to help trainees focus on their academic and career priorities.

a) We build Emotional Intelligence to help trainees focus on their academic and career priorities.

b) We strengthen Communication Skills and inspire our trainees to take action based on the constructive vision that we set forth together with the sponsoring university or company.

c) We work on Character Development, including integrity and authenticity.

d) We work to establish Life-Long Learning in our students, aiming to inspire consistent studying, growth, flexibility, and personal development.

The bottom line matters, too.

We ultimately aim for more confident and skilled students and employees who are more prepared to...

We ultimately aim for more confident and skilled students and employees who are more prepared to take on their next steps, open communication with our partners, and a lasting collaborative partnership. We do not operate within the traditional client-company business relationship framework, so please consider us to be an ally to and complementary piece of your program, an important segment of your holistic vision, and a strong part of your team.

While the logistics of partnering with us are minimal, the partnership that is built is incredibly beneficial for students as ambassadors of their university, for employees as representatives of their company, and for our client’s ultimate bottom line. Give us your wishes and expectations, and let us help you build the path to unprecedented levels of success.

Recognizing the most common mistakes made, how do Precision Learning’s programs stand apart?

a) Precision Learning works to build camaraderie..

a) Precision Learning works to build camaraderie, synergy, and identify strengths and weaknesses as a priority to ensure measurable progress.

b) Our Instructors work diligently to approach each student individually so as to identify skill challenges before they overwhelm or hinder the student’s academic and career progress.

c) We work to identify gaps in student advancement so as to positively impact our client’s bottom line: inspiring students and employees to go the extra mile and best maximize their potential as ambassadors of the university or company that they represent.

d) We embrace the importance of context and student mindset when delivering our programs.

e) We separate between the instructional approach to the student’s regular coursework or standard HR employee training and our training. Precision Learning’s training is immersive and personalized in a way that most academic institutions and companies simply do not have the bandwidth to execute.

f) We utilize impactful activities, competitions, and excursions for practical application that tie in to our lessons’ goals at various levels.

g) Our classes are immersion-style, interactive, and incorporate “hands-on” use of skills, which is six times more likely to be absorbed than with lectures alone.

h) We work diligently to determine pre-program conditions and post-program results by providing assessments at the beginning and end of any program.

Contact us now for a free Strategy Session. Call 1-800-766-8002, or click below.

Begin your journey.

There is no better time for you and your organization to heighten your success and reach your potential, with the exceptional training and counseling provided globally by Precision Learning.

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