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Why Choose Precision Learning?

So, You Find This Page Long?

It’s unusual to see so much text on a professional training site. We know. That’s because you are constantly being bombarded by images – images that, while adding color, will not help to dynamically improve your skills.

So if truly reaching your highest potential means little to you, then you can close this window. Go ahead, close it. But we know that that’s probably not the case. We know that more likely than not, reaching your highest potential is what brought you here.

Whether you’ve just started contemplating augmenting your Business English skills, improving your soft skills, developing yourself as a leader, or you’ve gone through every class, every book, every online resource, and every private tutor, only to feel frustrated, wondering what may actually get you the best results that you are capable of, we know what it takes.
It takes two things: a very strict hiring process for qualified Instructors, and a more personalized approach to training.

Customized Coaching Fuels Your Professional Growth

You are constantly bombarded with marketing.

You are constantly bombarded with marketing for expensive study guides, companies and community colleges that spend more time and money marketing to fill their super-packed prep classes than they spend on their students – or on bettering their courses for that matter – and courses that promise everything short of a degree, etc. We’ve been there. Our Precision Advisors have been students of nearly all of those companies. And they know exactly what’s been done right, and what’s been done wrong.

So when you need a specialist, is it wise to approach an impersonal mega-store? No. So why would you sacrifice your prep experience?

But we’re not aiming to put ourselves verbally ahead of other training services – we’ll let the results do that. Your success is our main focus, and always will be.

So have you ever been offered a training experience?

So have you ever been offered a training experience? Not a simple course or some basic tutoring. We’re talking about a training experience, where you are the focus.

Let’s start with our minimum guarantee: you will make progress by the end of a group or a private course. And let’s add in the ability to retake sessions of your course, for free, if you feel the need to do so after completion. But we won’t leave you at the door of your class. Throw in complimentary non-class-time admissions or employment counseling, where applicable. We’ll review processes and guide you through questions on your applications, offer you critical pointers specific to your admissions essays, resumes, and interview questions, and counsel you on what to do, and what not to do, to get accepted or hired. That’s the key, right?

So We’re Not Done Just Yet. What Do We Mean By Personalized Approach?​

For starters, even if you choose not to take a private class, you will never see an overflow of students in any on-site class, no matter what the demand, and we cap many of our classes so as to maximize personal attention. Fact. And our campuses do not house standard classrooms, they house (upscale) conference rooms. Fact. Why do we mention this? Because conference tables (with the Instructor’s whiteboard up front) allow for more personal interaction with your Instructor, and with the other students.

Because just like the way top universities conduct classes, we know that helping you to understand the right strategies does not call for impersonal lecturing, it calls for instructiondiscussion, and above all, resolution. We encourage our trainees to get to know each other, and to work together inside and outside of the classroom, for even greater success.

And while there is a strong personal immersion method (and coursebook) that go along with all of our training programs, the supplementary materials that our Instructors make use of are diverse, as they allow you to see your training from several time-tested vantage points, for the most refined success for you.

So Precision Is Itself A Different Kind Of Training Experience. ​

So Precision is itself a different kind of training experience. That’s right. We said experience. Not super-conglomerate company. If you’re here, chances are that you didn’t find us through big marketing methods. You may have searched for us on the web, or you may have found us through an awesome referral.

Because our best marketers are you, our students. Because you are not just another number. Your individual success in soft skills, leadership development, or Business English is our personal project. So if you are serious about us, we will be serious about you. And we will aim to change the way that you see the different aspects of your training needs, altogether.

Maybe those other companies should do a little catching up.

Questions? Call 1-800-766-8002. That’s 1-800-766-8002.

So you’ve found us. Now let’s get on to what really matters. Your success. Ready? Let’s go.


Precision Learning empowers you to navigate change for peak performance.

Elevate your resilience and potential with our specially designed programs, aimed at empowering you to excel amidst constant change. Precision Learning is your ally, offering innovative strategies and expert guidance to ensure you not only adapt to the world’s dynamics but also lead the way in professional and personal growth. Step into a realm where adaptability and progress are within your grasp, and every challenge is an opportunity for success.


From Our Satisfied Clients

See what our clients say about us.


It’s no secret that finance is one of the most competitive fields in the world. Precision Learning’s leadership development program has already offered me the opportunity for a better position, a higher salary, and a greater sense of comfort knowing that I am on the way to bigger and better things. I will be contacting them again when my friends are ready to take on the next step!


I started reading public speaking books as a hobby, and my Precision Learning Instructor transformed that into a passion via my training course. I thank him for opening my eyes to law school, and for allowing me the opportunity to go further than I thought I would go. I am more confident in my skills now than ever before.


I was absolutely relieved when I found out that my private Business English Instructor could meet me close to home. Precision Learning’s more affordable rate system drew me in, their student-centric approach convinced me, and their qualified, friendly Instructors sealed the deal. You just can’t find that combination anywhere else.


Our employees needed to accelerate their leadership development skills fairly quickly. Precision Learning stepped in fast and produced very positive results. Not only that, but they brought their Instructors right to us, and their rates and expertise knocked the competition out to left field. I highly recommend. Highly.


Our employees needed to accelerate their leadership development skills fairly quickly. Precision Learning stepped in fast and produced very positive results. Not only that, but they brought their Instructors right to us, and their rates and expertise knocked the competition out to left field. I highly recommend. Highly.


A formidable opponent to their competition. Precision Learning raises the bar in professional skills education, and sets new, more personalized standards, that will inevitably knock on the doors of many, many new cities in the years to come. And their coursebook choices are fantastic. Way to go!


Contact us now for a free Strategy Session. Call 1-800-766-8002, or click below.

Begin your journey.

There is no better time for you and your organization to heighten your success and reach your potential, with the exceptional training and counseling provided globally by Precision Learning.

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